42 Years Of quality

Roofing Experts

After paying their dues in the roofing industry for many years, Coleman Williamson and James Preskitt took a chance and started their own company. Atlas Roofing Company humbly began on October 23, 1970. Over the years, Atlas has established itself as one of the most recognized quality roofing contractors in the southeastern United States. Atlas specializes in installing hot asphalt, applied built up and modified roofing systems. They also install EPDM and TPO single ply roofing systems. Atlas has its own sheet metal shop and breaks its own gutters, downspouts and metal terminations.

Atlas prides itself on being a full service, customer friendly business. There is a full time service department dedicated to handling all your tenant finish, maintenance, and repair needs. Annual inspections and 24-hour service agreements are available.

After 42 years in business, Atlas Roofing Company is still known for its quality and service. They have expanded their business by becoming licensed contractors in Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. Atlas has found the secret to having a lasting legacy in the roofing industry. Today, James Preskitt, Jr. and Bobby Murray continue the quality and service that you have come to expect from Atlas. In the last 42 years, Atlas has demonstrated resiliency and the ability to adapt to a changing marketplace.

We Provide Your Most

Important Asset

A good roof is one of your most important assets – Roofing is our business and we know how important it is to every commercial, industrial, government and retail building. Before you’re ready for another roof, contact Atlas Roofing Company, Inc. From estimating and installation to ongoing inspection and maintenance, you’ll get responsive on-time service and professional know-how. We’re ready to serve your roofing needs, whether it’s a new, a retrofit, or preventative maintenance, 24 hours of every day.